406: Software License Compliance: Costly, Challenging, Changing, and Continuing Chaos: Why It’s Hard, Intensifying, and Sub-Radar, & What To Do To Risk-Mitigate and Contribute Effectively


IT Compliance


Henry W. (Hank) Jones, III, Owner, Law Office of Henry W. Jones III & Intersect Tech. Consulting

  • Software & I.T. Infrastructure: Geeks Assume, Vendors Control, & Then Legal, Compliance, Purchasing & Finance Get Blind-Sided, Fast, Hard, & Deep (Pocketed) ... Unless The Organization Changes & Becomes Nuanced & Pro-Active.
  • Process De-Bugging & Refinement: Fixing Broken, Changing. Difficult Inherently-Multi-Departmental Initial Procurement & Ongoing Lifecycle Procurement Contracting.
  • Protecting Operational Continuity (Avoiding Involuntary Vendor Termination) & Organizational Reputation.

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