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This evening of inspiration with Annie Meehan (www.anniemeehan.com), professional speaker, certified life coach, and entrepreneur, moves you to eliminate excuses and live your best life ever. This program was recorded on October 29, 2015.

Annie delivers a powerful call to action. Her personal experience, professional expertise, and dynamic presentation style combine to engage and energize her audiences. In this next WLiT speaker series, Annie will arm you with techniques for eliminating excuses, taking action, and exposing the extraordinary in every facet of life – professional, personal, spiritual, and more.

Her interactive presentation will include three keys to living your best life ever:
1) empowerment to engage in meaningful connections;
2) determination knowing that detours don’t have to define you; and
3) motivation to immediately take action.

This presentation will help you understand:

  •  Eliminate excuses
  • X-nay on the nay-say
  • Create meaningful connections
  • Understand why
  • Serve, self-fill
  • Expose extraordinary
  • Stick to it