308: What If Model: Leverage Organizational Resources to Craft Compliance Training (and Certification)


General Compliance and Hot Topics


Eva C. Stein, Higher Education Consultant

  • Compliance resources are everywhere, often overlap, and sometimes provide contradictory guidance. Resources are often scattered throughout the organization and therefore underutilized. The “What If” model can help!
  • The “What if” model is presented as a tool to organize resources, craft learning objectives, offer multiple learning pathways, align outcomes, and design assessments. The ACCSC Certified Accreditation Program (CAP) design approach will be shared ...  a comprehensive ‘quick to market’ program for over 650 schools/colleges nationwide.
  • If you have the resources and need a way to identify, capture, and leverage them to create a learning environment that supports compliance understanding and application ... versus rote memorization, this session is for you!

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