W8: Millennial is a Dangerous Word: A conversation about bias and stereotypes in the workplace


General Compliance and Hot Topics


Samantha E. Kelen, Lead Ethics Analyst, Duke Energy

Laura Ellis, Global Compliance Enablement, Cisco International Limited

Kyle Lewis, Compliance Operations Manager, Holcim Group Services Ltd

  • The Millennial generation has a bad reputation: You hate millennials, they hate Millennials, even millennials hate millennials!
  • This presentation will consider how stereotypes label this group as superficial, lazy, and entitled. But research actually suggests they can be deeply concerned with social issues, often seeking a way to make an impact in an otherwise overwhelming world, making them ideal champions for your compliance and ethics programs.
  • In addition, panel members will discuss their personal experiences as millennials in the workplace and in the compliance and ethics industry, as well as provide tips and strategies to communicate with and capitalize on the strengths of this emerging generation.

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